Solaris machines have no disk information

Ansible currently does not include disk size information for Solaris hosts. As such, we can't include it in the output of Ansible-cmdb. See issue #24 for more information.

The output HTML file doesn't work on other computers.

When you transfer the output HTML file of ansible-cmdb and try to open it in the browser on another computer, you'll find that it doesn't work properly.

This is because HTML files opened on a local computer (those that start with a file:// url) are not allowed to fetch the required Javascript files from the internet (urls that start with http:// and https://). For this reason, Ansible-cmdb installs those required files when you install ansible-cmdb. Naturally, another PC won't have those files locally available.

The solution is to generate the output with the -p local_js=0 parameter and host the resulting HTML file(s) on a webserver somewhere.